As YEY UNIFORMS , we are one of the best manufacturers in the sector, producing to the leading brands of Turkey , owning design and production units with high capacity. 

We are a good solution partner for our customers with our patterns that prioritize the comfort of your employees and designs that reflect your corporate identity. 

Behind the success of  YEY UNIFORMS, which produces work clothes according to customer requests and needs, there is a professional workflow and organizational structure that it has created. 

In this context; 


Technical information: Creating designs that can provide solutions for needs with materials that are most suitable for the field of use. In this regard, to provide special solutions to the institutions with which it is a solution partner. With more than 1 years of experience and field experience in many sectors, we support you in the process of supplying the most accurate product. 

Technical design: Production taking into account all the factors (environmental factors, working conditions, physical conditions of employees, orthopedics, etc.) that may have an impact on the use of work clothes during the development and application phase of the model. 

Fabric R & D: Developing project-specific, technical-specific fabrics and materials is one of the most important factors of the workwear product development process. Thanks to our fabric R & D activities, your employees will meet with the comfort and functionality they need. 

Pre-Supply Services: Body detection, which we perform with the goal of zero modification, creating a ready-made body set and collecting all the measurement information necessary when working with your product with personalized measurement detection studies. 

Storage solutions: Thanks to the storage solutions we include in our services to provide all services to our corporate customers, we alleviate the additional work and costs on these customers. 

Logistics services: We stop location distribution operations from being a problem for our customers. Through online logistics operations and reporting, we are creating a new dimension to workwear production activities. 

After-sales services: Our experienced customer representatives evaluate and fulfill the additional demands of our customers.